Uninstall Instructions

How to uninstall Time'sUp?

You uninstall Time'sUp just like any other application (except that you will need your administrator password)

Press the button at the bottom of the screen, and then type "Apps & Features"

On the screen will appear "Apps & Features" and you need to press it


After that, the "Apps & Features" window will open

Here you will see a list of all installed applications on your computer

To easily find Time'sUp type "TimesUp"


Press the "Time'sUp" icon and then press the uninstall button


The computer will now pop the question "Are you sure you want to make changes..?" You need to approve


A window will open, asking for the Time'sUp administrator password

Enter the password and press "Uninstall"


A new winodw will pop, now select the "Remove" option


Press the OK button


Times'Up has been successfully uninstalled


In order to improve, we will be very glad if you send us an EMail with a short explanation on why you decided to uninstall.

Thank you very much

We hope it was helpful